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  • TCP300P Thermal Conductive Putty/Gel
TCP300P Thermal Conductive Putty/Gel

TCP300P Thermal Conductive Putty/Gel

  • Brand Name: SinoGuide
  • Model Number: TCP300P
  • Material: Silicone&Ceramic
  • Thermal Conductivity: 3.0W/m.k
  • Material Details:Good thermal conductivity (3.1 w/m-k) Good Thixotropism, Soft and ultra high compressibility for low stress applications, Higher viscosity compound than grease
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As each new generation of electronics equipment exhibits higher performance and more and more power into ever smaller package sizes, it will dissipate power in the form of heat and requires some degree of thermal management. SinoGuide Technology markets a variety of Thermal Management materials in response to the changing needs of the assembly of electronics packaging in notebook computers, high-performance CPU, chipsets, mobile electronic appliances, power conversion and amplification modules etc.

Products Features:

3.0 W/mk Thermal Conductivity, Good Thixotropism
Soft and ultra high compressibility for low stress applications
Higher viscosity compound than grease, it eliminates the bleed, separation,pump-out & dirtly other parts usually associated with grease.

Typical Applications Include:

--Between heat-generation Conponment and and heatsink.
--Automotive engine control, Graphices Cards, Telecom device.
--Wireless Hub,Military equipment, power supply.
--Entire large panel PCB Cooling
--Any high compression low stess application

Typical Properties of This Materials:

Typical Properties of Thermal Conductive Putty/Gel
Properties Units TCP300P TCP300G Test Method
Construction & Composition --- White or Light Blue White or Light Blue ---
Color --- Black Black Visual
Min. BondlineThickness mm NA 0.1 ---
Thickness mm 1.0 to 5.0 NA ---
Density (g/cm) 2.88 2.88 ASTM D792
Hardness Shore 00 5 NA ASTM D2240
Viscosity @0.5rpm ≤100 ≤100 ASTM D149
Temperature Range -40 to 200 -40 to 200 EN344
Volume Impedance (ohm-cm) 5 x1014 1 x1013 ASTM D150
Flame Rating V 0 V 0 UL 94
Thermal Conductivity W/m.k 3.0 3.0 ASTM D5470

Below info will be helpful for your right application

How to transfer or dissipate the heat from the heat-generating components to heat sinks?

How To Select the Right Thermal Interface Materials for your new application?

Pls feel free to contact us as Thermal Management Solutions available in SinoGuide.

About SinoGuide Technology

SinoGuide Technology is a leading supplier of advanced thermal management solutions. We design, develop and manufacture our own range of interface materials based on the stringent needs of our key markets.

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