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Efficiently Transfer Heat Thermal interface materials

Along with the increasing power of electronic devices, the demand on the thermal management has also increased. One important part of the thermal management chain is the heat conduction from the hot component to the heat sink or similar. Due to micro level imperfections in the mating surfaces, air with low thermal conductivity is trapped in the voids formed between the component and the heat sink. In order to mitigate this problem, a thermal interface material (TIM) can be used.

heat transfer thermal interface sheet

The electronic market is continually moving towards higher power densities. As a result, the demand on the cooling is increasing. Focus has to be put on the whole thermal management chain, from the component to be cooled to the ambient. Thermal interface materials are used to efficiently transfer heat between two mating surfaces or in some cases across larger gaps.

The thermal interface pads & material market comprises various products used for transferring heat from electronic components to heat sinks in a wide range of electronic applications across different industries. Thermal interface pads & materials are widely used in consumer electronics, telecom equipment, power supply units, and others.

Metal surfaces, even when polished to a fine degree, have a certain amount of roughness. It can therefore be deduced that when two metal surfaces are placed together contact is not 100% and there will always be an air gap between the two surfaces. The use of a thermal interface material between such gaps ensures complete contact between the two surfaces and in turn more efficient heat conductance.

Offering a versatile, cost-effective alternative to pre-fabricated thermal pads, this innovative technology from SinoGuide Technology enables manufacturers to quickly and precisely print a thermally conductive silicone compound in controllable thicknesses on complex substrates. In addition to accelerating manufacturing cycles, this can help reduce material costs by 30 to 60 percent by eliminating the waste more common to conventional fabricated thermal pads.

SinoGuide Technology is specialized in thermal pad materials for oversea and domestic market. We are located at Shenzhen City, one of the fast industrial development and dynamic City in China. With 8,000 square meters workshop, high efficient equipment, 130 skillful workers and the experienced customer service team, we are able to commit all kind of customize thermal pad products. Our thermal interface materials covers the thermal pad, thermal grease, thermal insulator, thermal phase change materials, no-silicone thermal pad, 3D thermal pad, Thermal Conductive Tape, Pre-cured Thermal Putty Pad.



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