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Technical buyers and product designers can choose thermal pad materials

Technical buyers and product designers can choose thermal pad materials. Learn about the benefits of thermally conductive silicone pad and how SinoGuide creates custom solutions for thermal management challenges.

Computers, telecommunication devices, and electronic devices generate a lot of heat. Failure to dissipate heat can result in component damage and system failure. By establishing an effective thermal path between the heating element and the metal heat sink, the thermal interface material can dissipate heat and support product life and performance. Some materials, such as thermally conductive silicone fabrics, also provide enhanced product design performance.

Type of thermal interface material

Technology buyers and product designers can choose from many different types of thermal management materials. Examples include silicone thermal grease, gels, phase change materials, thermal tape and gap filled thermal pads. Die-cut thermally conductive tapes, foils and gap pads are utilized over greases and liquid adhesives due to easy handling and consistent performance. SinoGuide can help design and manufacture custom components to meet the specifications of your application.


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