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Thermal Gap Tape Helps to Improve The Life of a LED Lighting Application

Hype-Soft Thermally Conductive Interface Pads are used to transfer heat from a hot surface to a cooler region of the assembled design. The pads are designed in a variety if thermal conductivities and softness grades to provide excellent gap filling, low assembled stress and a high degree of wet-out for more efficient heat transfer. 

Customer Challenge
An LED lighting manufacturer came to us seeking ways to improve the lifetime performance of LED bulbs within their fixtures.
This company was previously using a thermal grease to help transfer the heat being created from the bulbs away from the enclosure.
The problem with using a thermal grease is that it can get quite messy, and unless you are used to working with thermal grease, it is hard to apply and evenly distribute.
SinoGuide's Thermal Solution
SinoGuide recommended a thermal interface material to dissipate the heat in the fixture. This material is designed to provide a heat transfer path between heat generating components and cooling devices.
We also suggested a microcellular urethane to prevent environmental contaminants from entering the product. We were con dent this was the perfect solution to prolong the life of the LED bulbs.
Our customer was pleased that their thermal-management product was now higher performing and superior to its predecessor. The elimination of the thermal grease resulted in a much simplified assembly process as well.

These cost saving improvements reduced assembly time immensely, while providing more efcient distribution of heat throughout the application.

Equipment Used: Laminating | Flat Bed Die Cutting  Materials Used: TCT120 Thermal Interface Transfer Tape


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